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Sustainable Development


The development of a hotel chain like ours, like all humane activities, is only possible in a preserved and durable environment!


Our Corporate Commitment:

  • Male/female parity at the management level
  • Equal pay between men and women.  For the same functions, salaries are equal between the sexes.
  • Accountability: Simple structures to increase the accountability of the employees. We believe that in giving broad autonomy to everyone, the satisfaction of customers and employees will be increased.
  • support culture and sports by acting as the partner hotel for numerous events. In this role, we seek a long-term relationship based on trust and satisfaction of the expectations of the organizers.


Our commitment to the environment:

For energies:

Our philosophy is to test innovative techniques during renovations and then reuse them in all the hotels.

Since 1960 Placement of our hotels near public transport and encouragement to use it
Since 1960 Creation of skylights or vast glass roofs to reduce electrical lighting
Since 1992 Recovery of thermal energy produced by cold installations
Since 1995 Widespread use of low-energy lighting
Since 1997 Connection of all lighting in service areas and emergency stairways to motion detectors
Since 1997 Installation of automatic management of window openings to guarantee better thermal comfort and reduced use of air-conditioning
Since 2002 Intelligent regulation of heating and air-conditioning in the rooms
Since 2004 Insulation of façade to improve thermal and sound insulation
Since 2005 Recovery of thermal energy produced by air-conditioning
Since 2006 Dual air flow with recovery of heat
Since 2007 Proposal to customers to renounce bottled mineral water by offering water from the carbonated network
Since 2008 Utilization of farmed or sustainable fish and crustaceans
Since 2011 Minergie Certification
Since 2012 Installation of solar panels for hot water
Since 2013 Widespread use of LED lighting
Since 2014 Reduction and sorting of waste
Since 2014 UV films to reduce heat in summer
Since 2019 Soap dispenser in every room
Since 2020 Installation of solar panels for electricity production (capacity 9.4 kWh)


For Management:

  • Integration of environmental criteria in product choices (reduction of packaging, local production…)
  • Washing of bathroom linens only if the customer requests it
  • Sorting of waste (compost, paper, aluminium, plastic, glass…) where possible.